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A Rocking Chair is a “must have” in every nursery for Baby and Mommy’s comfort !

You going to spend a lot of time in this chair and is actually a helpful thing to have whether or not you’re nursing.If you’re not nursing, it’s a useful place to give your baby the bottle because it provides a lot of nice support for you,for your back and for your arms.This is not something that you going to use for one year,you might use it down the line when you’re reading to your child.You can use it for quite a long time.

This is a very useful thing,especially when you’re nursing, you going to need something like this – you need the back support.As you going to spend a lot of time in this chair.You’re most definately going to need something comfortable and supportive for your lower back,upper back and arms.

Even get the foot stool,as it’s very nice with a foot stool to prop your feet up on a foot stool.

All our chairs can be ordered seperately with a foot stool.

We deliver our rocking chairs to all provinces in South Africa via reputable courier service providers with tracking numbers for peace of mind or BUY DIRECT FROM OUR EPPING SHOWROOM.

BUY YOUR FABRIC online via competitively price upholstery suppliers namely U&G fabrics (based in most provinces),Khels (Cape Town) or Biggy Best fabrics (country wide) that could deliver to our factory.


Fabrics could also be delivered to us via the post office,however it’s more practical to buy from upholstery stores that render sample online viewing and delivery services.

Wooden Rocking Chairs Now from R999 to R2000 (depending on design – high or low back) Save over R1000

This chair is quite popular for its easy stand up feature!


Various Cushions could be recommended and Fabric Rocking Chairs for additional comfort as below:

Buy also various Baby Cots,Baby Prams,Beds and Baby Furniture direct from us as Importers,Manufacturers and National Suppliers to most retail stores.Refer to our website below for our HALF PRICE sale direct to the General Public!

Designer Upholstered Rocking Chairs – below : Now R2500 Save over R2500 (excludes 8 meters of fabric,if your fabric is 120cm or 140cm wide, to be supplied by you! ).If your fabric is 230cm wide, 4 meters will be required.

Upmarket Interior Decorating Upholstery Fabrics ranges from R20 to R89 per meter (request end of roll store specials) or supply your own genuine leather  - approximately 6 skins,depending on skins scars and grain !


Our Extra Wide Rocking Chairs, PICTURE BELOW –  was designed with the help of feeding mom’s to render that extra space for baby’s noodle and mommy’s comfort, as below Now R2700 (excludes foot stool) Save over R2800 (excludes your 9 meters of fabric to be supplied by you, if your fabric is 120cm or 140cm wide).

In cases of 230cm wide fabric,please supply 4.5 meters of fabric.

Provision is made for hair line flaws or thread pulling in fabrics, not easily identifiable with the untrained eye.

The Wide Foot Stool (it’s slightly bigger than a normal poof) , extra comfort when bonding and nesting with baby to keep mom’s feet elevated and warm (cover feet with blanket) Now Selling at R795 – (1 meter of fabric to be supplied by customer)

Wide Rocking Chair with Foot Stool

Wide Rocking Chair with Foot Stool


Exclusive Slip Cover Rocking Chairs Now R3100 Save over R2000 (excludes 10 meters of external fabric to be supplied by you!…we supply the first layer of upholstery calico fabric).

Please note,this rocking chair below requires a spacious room as it’s rather bulky:


As you know….each individual’s taste and decorating options differ,therefore we offer our clients to supply or select their own fabrics !

Request from us to manufacture you a matching poof / footrest from only R495 to R750 depending on its size.An additional 1 meter fabric will be required,to be supplied by you.

Please Note: We manufacture matching chaise lounge chairs, custom made lounge suites and couches at ridiculously low prices direct to the Public!

Let’s manufacture your dream rocking chair, couch or entire lounge suite in Genuine Leather, Teflon coated fabrics, Reinforced suede fabric or in Hard wearing bull denim!

Don’t settle for less, you know that feeling “I like it a little”

Buy direct from us, the rocking chair or couch that you want and Save Thousands of Rands!









We occasionally import the above rocking chairs in Beige and Choclate Brown (as above) and selling them direct to the Public at R2800 Save over R2000 (inclusive of suede fabric) Please Note : The rocking feature of this Imported Rocking Chair with the foot rest , only takes effect when the foot rest is in its closing position. Call Now to reserve your chair !

We deliver to all cites, namely Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth,   East London, Pinetown, Pietermaritzburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein etc and to neighbouring countries.

Our Australian Imported Glider Chairs with the following features: With a smooth gliding motion and a lockable recline, the seat is adjustable to ensure you are always in a comfortable position for your body’s needs. With its unique twin layer cushion seat design you will experience greater support and comfort while feeding – in particular your neck, shoulders and lower back lumbar areas are extra supported with the Vogue Glider.

The two new uber-chic babyhood Feeding Glider Chair and Ottoman will sit effortlessly in any stylish and modern home – whether in the nursery or your living area.Now selling direct to the Public at R4999 (reclines,glides and tilt 360 degrees for baby safety and mommy’s comfort)

Note: Arrival date of new shipment of these Australian Glider Chairs will be in mid May 2016.FULL payment will be required to reserve your chair for this new stock expected to arrive.Back orders will thus be accepted from all baby and furniture stores and for direct sales to the General Public.


Square Back Glider Chair

Please Note: For optimal rocking performance - All Upholstered and Slip Cover Rocking chairs mechanism are best suited for individuals up to 100 kg’s and less!

Our designer Chrome and Wooden base rocking chairs below,making provision for the shorter mommy to be (sits much lower than our standard seating height),available in yellow,baby blue,red and white Now R1399 with interchangeable base (normal chair base separately sold)

Designer Polopropelyne Chrome and Wood Base Rocking Chairs

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Oh….Oh …Oh !   Don’t forget your visitors seating in your baby nursery room or that unique Interior Decorating Couch ……….yes, that eye catching centre piece couch required in every Contemporary / Modern home …the Chaise Bea’s and Chesterfield Couches !

Chaise Bea’s below:  Now R2300 Save over R2000 (excludes the cost of your 7 meters of fabric to be supplied by you)  – Real Eye Catching Centre Pieces to be admired – who does’nt love those compliments and modern touch !

Size: 1700m Length x 600 Width x 700 High

Chesterfield Couches - look at the craftsmanship below:

Now Selling at R6500 Save over R8000 (excludes fabric or genuine leather – this Chesterfield couch could be custom made to clients requirements)

View our range or bring in your couch designs for us to manufacture !

All friends and family must know, tell them !

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